THE 2022 RUN IS NOW...


Total Miles544

Total Clubs71

Today's route:

What a journey!

My epic 25-day adventure around the rugby clubs of Scotland is now over.

I saw incredible scenery, visited amazing rugby clubs and met some truly wonderful humans.

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Scotland Route for The Great Rugger Run 2022

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Get involved

I plan on doing all the running myself but I’m going to need some assistance. The three most important things I will need help with are listed here, and I’m hoping the rugby family will help me out along the way.

However, there are a ton of other little things that will help make The Great Rugger Run a success – would you be able to help?

Some of the heroes that helped me out in 2021:

Show me around your club?
Put me up for a night?
Drive my bag between stops?
Some of the heroes that helped me out last year:
Emma Critchley The Great Rugger Run
Zachary Cashmore The Great Rugger Run
David Slemen The Great Rugger Run
Joey Milburn The Great Rugger Run
Sean and Andrea Parkin The Great Rugger Run
Sammy Boulton The Great Rugger Run
Neil Bayliss The Great Rugger Run

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Last year

Two years in the making, six months of training, 542 miles, 104 rugby clubs and 142,902 calories over 5 weeks of The Great Rugger Run.

Follow my incredible journey from Lands End to London as I met rugby-folk across the land, recorded videos, wrote blog posts and raised over £7,000 for mental health charities.

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