Coivd Policy

I am very aware that Covid-19 is still prevalent within the UK. My mindset is that with caution (I’m double-jabbed) and a strong protocol, there is no reason to delay The Great Rugger Run.

Here are the things I’ll be implementing:

  1. I will be taking lateral flow tests at least every 48hrs. Any positive test will end The Great Rugger Run.
  2. I will be spending as much time as possible outdoors – all interviews will take place in open air.
  3. I will be using fist-bumps for greetings and will maintain social distance otherwise.
  4. If indoor and within close proximity, I will be using a mask to mitigate the risk.
  5. I will be washing hands and sanitising whenever possible.


This list is not exhaustive, so if you can think of anything else that would be beneficial, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Many thanks!

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