Charity rugby match Rugger Run XV vs Eggchasers XV

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Piccadilly one

Huge thanks to Simon Elkinson at Piccadilly One for providing title sponsorship for The Great Rugger Run XV. This enabled us to buy a full kit for the fixture from eternal TGRR supporters – Halbro.

Simon also was good enough to support the fixture on the day and even bought a bottle of champagne for the Player of the Match.

Thank you!

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Renouf Wealth Management

Huge thanks to Renouf Wealth Management for providing match shirt sponsorship for The Great Rugger Run XV. This enabled us to make further donations to the charities.

Thank you!

Renouf Wealth Management

Sponsorship opportunities

There are currently many sponsorships available for this match. Would you like to have your Business Name on the custom shirts that we are having designed? Or what about the shorts? Sponsor the match, the match ball or the player of the match award.

There are sponsorships available for every budget – be associated with this fantastic event for a fantastic cause.

Please get in contact to discuss details.

All money received in excess of costs will go directly to the charities.

Let's play!

The end of this year’s Great Rugger Run was marked by a Charity Vets XV fixture vs The Eggchasers XV who have been raising money for MND causes for many years. I collected together some of the finest individuals I played with during my career to run out with me one last time.

Huge thanks to Halbro for supplying the excellent kit, therefore ensuring that we looked far better than we played.

Lastly, it was such a win-win to take the remaining shorts and socks and donate them to the Community Kit Bag – a wonderful initiative by Mat Mason to help people in need get sports kit.


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