Charity rugby match Rugger Run XV vs Eggchasers XV

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There are currently many sponsorships available for this match. Would you like to have your Business Name on the custom shirts that we are having designed? Or what about the shorts? Sponsor the match, the match ball or the player of the match award.

There are sponsorships available for every budget – be associated with this fantastic event for a fantastic cause.

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All money received in excess of costs will go directly to the charities.

Let's play!

The end of this year’s run will be marked by a Charity Vets match between a “Rugger Run XV” and the wonderful Eggchasers XV. I will be inviting players to join me, hopefully securing at least one player from each of the clubs I have represented throughout my career. Early indications are that this could be a strong side with some well-known names from the rugby world.
It’s going to be a highly social and fun event. Please come along and support if you can. I am going to attempt to take the field after running 1 Million metres in 25 days (about a marathon a day) – That should be worth your time alone! (although I may have to wear gold shorts).
The match will be played at Newlands, home of Cheltenham Tigers RFC at 5pm (following the clubs 1st XV match), on Saturday September 2nd.
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